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ome Facts About Cinnamon Weight Loss Techniques

The latest contender in the effort to find natural means for weight loss is the spice known as cinnamon. Cinnamon weight loss through its effect on the blood glucose levels has now been documented by researchers. It is effective as an appetite suppressant if taken after meals. It also reduces the cholesterol levels, particularly bad cholesterol. It doesn’t affect the levels of the good cholesterol. This action affects the level of fat in the body and how it is stored or used. These and other substantial beneficial health results are what makes cinnamon such a valuable tool in the fight against obesity. 

Cinnamon fights the tendency toward obesity due to its action in regulating the glucose and insulin levels in the circulatory system. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar and at the same time increases the levels of insulin. These qualities make cinnamonpopular with those who want better choices in treatment of diabetes, prediabetes and Metabolic Syndrome. It is interesting to note that the glucose findings were discovered almost by accident as part of findings in a study of the effects of various foods on glucose level in the blood. One of the tested foods was apple pie, prepared in the traditional manner that includescinnamon. The researchers expected that blood sugar would increase. Instead, the glucose level was lowered. Cinnamon was found to be the deciding factor.

A follow up study on sixty subjects with type 2 diabetes on prescription medication for insulin output. Cinnamon doses of less than two teaspoons daily reduced the blood glucose levels and increased the production of insulin. A secondary benefit was the lowering of blood cholesterol. Even more important was the fact that the benefits continued after the treatment was discontinued. This information and findings is good news for more than fifty million Americans who suffer from the symptoms of high blood sugar readings or inefficient insulin production.

Although cinnamon is regularly used as a seasoning, you should still check with your physician before starting the use of the spice for weight loss purposes, particularly if you plan to use it in dosage quantities. Contact your medical doctor before switching from your prescription medication to cinnamon. The spice may change the dosage of your medication or may eliminate the need for it altogether. Obviously, using cinnamon for spicing foods and drinks has been done for many years, but if you plan to use a large quantity, at therapeutic levels, the likelihood is that you will be over stimulating your insulin and glucose regulating mechanisms and could create a situation where you are no longer in need of the medications that you have previously required.

Many millions of individuals today suffer from a disposition to Metabolic Syndrome, also known as prediabetes. The good news in regards to cinnamon is that it may lower blood sugar and better the cholesterol ratios so that the tendency toward diabetesis halted. Something as simple and inexpensive as two teaspoons of cinnamon each day may actually prevent full blowndiabetes with all its negative effects on overall health.

Because lowering elevated blood glucose levels in the blood and combating insulin resistance can have a positive correlation to your efforts to lose weight, it would be wise to give the spice that comes from the bark of the cinnamon tree, a fair trial in your own household. These two factors, blood glucose and insulin resistance are known as key contributors to the diabetic condition. In particular, abdominal fat cells are very sensitive to insulin levels. The abdominal cells, more than any others such as those in the thighs, hips and buttocks, store energy. The cells in the abdomen are close to digestive organs and a complex network of blood vessels keeps excess glucose stored close to where it may be needed.

Cinnamon has many other uses that can even benefit individuals who do not suffer from obesity. It soothes and calms the stomach so that ulcers may be prevented. The action on the organisms that cause urinary tract infections and yeast infections limits their growth so that you may eliminate the need for treatment for these problems. It has been used to treat indigestion and cure athlete’s foot. It was used as an anti-bacterial agent for those who fell ill with the bubonic plague.

Test subjects who were exposed to the smell of cinnamon or who chewed cinnamon gum were found to have better cognitive function and better memory function. They were able to process information more quickly and use it properly. The results of this and similar tests offers hope for the use of cinnamon in the elderly or those who have suffered some memory loss due to dementia or brain damage. While this is not related to weight loss, the many healthful benefits of cinnamon are being discovered in many areas. Only limited evidence exists of side effects from cinnamon, and in normal usage, it would not be a typical event, since potentially toxic compounds found in the bark of the cinnamon tree are fat-soluble and are not heat tolerant. They are found only at non-toxic levels in water soluble cinnamon extracts.

Those who choose a cinnamon regimen can take the spice in any of several ways. You can purchase it in stick or ground form. You can also find it mixed with tea or in capsules for easy ingestion. Use a cinnamon stick to stir your herbal tea or your hot chocolate. Add ground cinnamon to all types of fruits and puddings to jazz up the taste and increase the healthful benefits ascribed to the spice. You can sprinkle the ground spice on your breakfast cereal, either hot or cold and gain the taste and the benefits. A little cinnamon added to your coffee or cappuccino makes the taste special.

Cinnamon weight loss offers an alternative means to enjoy the taste of your food and get a real weight reduction aid. You get the added benefit of diabetes or prediabetes control as well as improving the insulin resistance factor. Overall health and memory benefits are an added characteristic that has been found in studies of the commonly available spice.

Cinnamon Weight Loss