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Cure for Cancer
This plant FLUGGEA LEUCOPYRUS  or KATUPILA,  in Sinhala, is found in dry regions of Sri Lanka.  It has been considered a weed until it was re-dicsovered as a cancer cure.   In ancient times, our  Ayurvedic physicians have been using this as a cure for cancer but,  with time and Western influence,  Auyrveda remedies had receded into the background while western cures slowly took over.  Right now, one man is exporting this to Scandinavian countries.    The leaves and twigs  of this plant can be taken either in dried form as tea,  or the juice of fresh leaves could be taken as 'cunjee' or porridge cooked  with  rice.   Anyhow unknown to us, our villagers have been consuming the leaves of this  plant in their daily diet..  I feel  this bush grows anywhere in the tropics.  From what I have found out, this remedy either dries up the cancer cells or else, dissolves them.  No doubt that it preventscancer too.  Out there in India, the villagers are supposed to be  consuming the berries  of this plant which they call the Snowberry.. That is of the larger variety of the species..     Both seem to be beneficial.  This picture is of the small variety which is now growng in my garden.   I have met someone whose mother was cured of cancer by taking this variety 3 times a day for 3 months.  She had been discharged from hospital as incurable after a long period of treatment with western drugs and chemo.  Her cancer had spread from her mouth to her ears.   She must be in her seventies.  Anyone is free to test this herb scientifically without taking my word for it. This is not a petition as such but information for all who had been wating for a natural herbal cure for cancer. More signatures mean more and more are enlightened of this very ordinary natural cure.   I would be very  grateful if all those who read this article could take  time to read and  sign the petition"Enact the Animal Welfare Bill Immediately" so that we can get our President to pass a  new bill in Parliament for Animal welfare to replace the outdated one we have at the moment.   The address of the website is
Thank you.  May all beings be well and happy.
Rani Kulatilake